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Freelancer payments will be sent and received only via Paypal : Click here to see the list of countries.
Buyers may also pay us for projects by check, money order, wire transfer or western union/money gram, but programmers can withdraw funds only via paypal - thanks.
Please read and follow these guidelines
Do not post any full-time/part-time jobs, partnerships or your software for sale. Request bids only for specific and descriptive projects. We do not allow illegal, warez projects and request for a clone of a similar freelance script/site. Additionally, if we feel that your project is inappropriate or is in violation of our policies, it will be removed without any notice.

Do not provide any kind of contact information anywhere including message boards. We monitor the site and boards (we will delete your account).

Do not negotiate offline - it is free but when you receive bids and when ready, pick a bid and do not ask the freelancer to contact you offline or do not settle transactions offline without paying our commission. We hope to earn a small commission (from freelancers) to pay our bills and eat with any leftover funds.

Provide a complete and accurate description for your project so the .

Do not pay in advance, pay in stages and deposit money in escrow account first and then pay the freelancer from escrow as and when each stage of the project has been completed.

Buyer, Project Manager FAQ


How does this work?

After signing up, you can open a project and provide all the details of the project you require. Freelancers will then be able to view your project and bid on it. This is similar to an auction, but there is no mandatory end date and you choose the winning bid yourself. Once you have chosen a freelancer they will begin work on your project. That's it!

How much does this cost?

There is no signup fee and no monthly fee, and but you are required to give a commission on each project you when you select a bid. The commission is only $5 when you pick a bid and hire a freelancer.

How do I communicate with Freelancers?

You can post messages on the message boards. If you post a private message, only the user it's addressed to will be able to see it, that user will also be notified by e-mail that you posted a project for them. You are not allowed to contact directly, ask to contact you, or provide any contact information until a bid is picked (you can communicate via the message board). After you pick a bid, both parties are at liberty to communicate directly by any preferred methods.

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Projects & Bidding

How do I open a new project?

Click on the "create project" button or go here.

What is a budget range?

You can optionally specify how much money you are able to spend on this project.

Why do I have to choose the amount of days until my project needs to be done?

There needs to be an end to every project, to leave room for new ones. But you can extend your project any time you want.

Can I change the information I provided about my project?

No, but you can use the message board to post new info. If the information you provided is completely wrong, you can close your project without choosing a freelancer and without any penalty. You can then go ahead and open a new project.

How do I close my project, extend it, or pick a freelancer?

You can do all this by logging in to the account management area. Click on the "Manage Account" button or go here.

Can I re-open a closed a project?

No, you will have to open a new project.

What does it mean if my project is frozen?

This means the ending date you chose for the project has past. No Freelancers can place any new bids, you must either pick a freelancer or extend the project.

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Payments & Fees

Do I have to add money to my account?
Not right away, but when you pick a bid - see more below.

How and when do I pay the freelancer?
Once you are ready to pick the bid, login to your account and click on the link to pick a bid, next to your project. The freelancer will be emailed. Then click on the add funds button and money to your account. Deposit funds (equal to the winning bid amount) in an escrow account to the freelancer (available for each project in your account panel), by clicking on the escrow link in your account panel.

How can I protect myself?
Use the escrow feature in your account or pay the freelancer in stages. Add funds into your account and then from your account panel, put the money (equal to the winning bid amount) in an escrow to the freelancer, by clicking on the escrow link. Pay the freelancer when the work is completed or pay the freelancer in different stages.

If the freelancer does not complete the work, can I get my money back?
NO, if you pay the freelancer directly (unless they are willing to give you a refund).
YES, if you put the money in an escrow on our site as we advice you to (login to your account panel and click on the escrow link) and if the work is not started or completed, then first email us and explain us what the situation is. Then just click on the "withdraw" button. We will email the freelancer and once we confirm that the work was not done, we will approve your withdrawal.

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