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Please read and follow these guidelines
Do not bid an hourly rate, this is not a job forum - people here are looking for specific amounts for completion of work based on the description they have provided. If you need more information to make your estimate, then please ask for more information in the project message boards.

Provide a good estimate to the buyer

Do not post your URL for the main website in bids.

Do not provide buyers any kind of contact information anywhere including message boards or "ask them to contact you" - if you can't post messages here or don't want to, you are not obligated to use our site. We monitor the site and boards (we will delete your account).

Do not bid $1, $5, etc., or bid amounts that are way too low, just to lowball or just to get attention and to get your bid in the top spot.

Do not create multiple accounts - we will remove all accounts and ban you from future use.

Ask the buyer to pay via escrow account, so you may know that they are serious and also have the funds to pay.