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Project: Simulator of administration of petitions to a hard drive
ID: 1288319866

Status: Open
Budget: N/A
Created: 10/28/2010 20:37
Bidding Ends: 11/24/2010 19:37 (expired)
Project Creator: flacabella26
Rating: (No Feedback Yet)
Description: Make a simulator of administration of petition to a hard drive

Create a Virtual Disk and administer the petitions access to the disc, using two of the following algorithm: C-Scan, N-Step Scan, o F-Scan. The programs must read the directions (track and section) of every fragment of "file" to access the disk,this information must be in a file. Then, the program must sort accesses to the disk by using one of the above algorithms. Then must calculate the time of access of every petition, presuming what you access and transmit every fragment found is a quantity of straight information (a block). The program shows a screen of the organize of the disc, time of access from every petition and a average time of access. Please Document the program
Job Type:
  • Programming Services
  • Java
Database System: (None)

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