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Please read and follow these guidelines
Do not post any full-time/part-time jobs, partnerships or your software for sale. Request bids only for specific and descriptive projects. We do not allow illegal, warez projects and request for a clone of a similar freelance script/site. Additionally, if we feel that your project is inappropriate or is in violation of our policies, it will be removed without any notice.

Do not provide any kind of contact information anywhere including message boards. We monitor the site and boards (we will delete your account).

Do not negotiate offline - it is free but when you receive bids and when ready, pick a bid and do not ask the freelancer to contact you offline or do not settle transactions offline without paying our commission. We hope to earn a small commission (from freelancers) to pay our bills and eat with any leftover funds.

Provide a complete and accurate description for your project so the .

Do not pay in advance, pay in stages and deposit money in escrow account first and then pay the freelancer from escrow as and when each stage of the project has been completed.